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At Connect Tel North, we understand that seamless mobile connectivity is an integral part of keeping your business’ operational systems running smoothly. 

Our Mobile Support services, that feature Telstra’s Adaptive Mobility Care and Managed Mobility Service, are customised to your business needs to ensure that your mobile telecommunications systems are reliable and support your growth.

Our Mobile Support services include start-to-end management in conjunction with:

Customer Support by an Expert Team: our dedicated support technicians act as a single point of contact for your telephony needs, staying on-hand to deal with any technical issues and offer support whenever you need.

Activation of New Services: we’ll seamlessly integrate new mobile services into your business operations.

Change of Plans: our team will adjust or change your mobile plans as required, to ensure they adapt to your evolving business needs. 

Change of Ownership: experience a smooth transition when changing ownership of mobile services within your business.

Cancellations, Disconnections, and Suspensions: our team can navigate the complexities of cancellations, disconnections, or suspensions.

SIM Replacements and SIM PIN/PUK Retrievals: we’ll resolve any SIM-related issues promptly, including replacements and PIN/PUK retrievals.

International Roaming Activation/Barring/Support: our technicians will ensure you stay connected globally by providing support for international roaming activation, barring, and other ongoing assistance.

Setting Up Call Diversions: we can customise your mobile services by setting up call diversions to meet your specific business requirements and reflect appropriate messaging.

Adding or Removing Service Features: we’ll tailor your mobile services by effortlessly adding or removing features to align with your changing business needs and offerings.

Hardware Orders and Replacements: our team will streamline the process of hardware acquisition with and provide support for eligible device orders and replacements under the Telstra Promotional Schedule.

Warranty Services: enjoy peace of mind with services such as the replacement of devices under warranty and facilitation of warranty repairs.

Transparent Fee Advisories: receive clear and concise information about service feature charges, ensuring you have the accurate information you need to make informed decisions.

Account Consolidations: we’ll assist with simplifying your mobile service management and consolidating accounts for greater efficiency.

For an obligation-free consultation to discuss how our Mobile Support services can help your business thrive, get in touch with Connect Tel North today.

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